Power Generation Acoustic Solutions

With several decades of experience in bespoke packaging solutions for the power generation industry HAC are able to support client from initial consultancy to design, manufacture delivery and site installation of plantroom attenuation, close-fit and walk-round enclosures for generator sets, UPS and switchgear housings, meeting stringent ventilation; acoustic and weather protection requirements.


Power Generation Acoustic Canopies

Acoustic canopies offer the most versatile solution for the attenuation of power generation equipment.
Providing weather, acoustic,  Thermal protection as well as security. As single piece units they are only constrained by what can be transported, with the limitations often being the height of motorway bridges.

Power Generation Acoustic Enclosures

Enclosures offer similar characteristics to canopies but are produced in sections to allow modular build within existing buildings, shopfloor areas etc. These can offer units that are larger still as they are not limited for shipping reasons.

Power Generation Attenuation

Where equipment is to be built into a dedicated room, it is vital to maintain correct ventilation whilst preventing noise breakout. Various systems can be offered, varying from simply acoustic ductwork and baffles through acoustic louvres to high performing splitter attenuator systems which can be “tuned” to counter specific dominant frequencies.

Power Generation Acoustic Louvres

It is fair to say that for most Power generation projects there is a limited overall pressure restriction that cannot be exceeded without detriment to the cooling of the equipment. As well as offering standard fixed louvres systems of both our own and IAC designs, our power generation louvres are specifically designed to offer both low pressure restrictions and weather protection at higher inlet velocities, than conventional Architectural louvres.

Power Generation Exhaust Silencers

Exhaust Gas silencers can be provided in Mild Steel / 304L and 316L grade stainless steel in sizes ranging from 50mm to 600mmBore to standard designs. With bespoke designs beyond those sizes.

Power Generation Acoustic Containers

As with Canopies and Enclosures, ISO container solutions can also be provided. These are best suited to units that require regular handling and movement, such as Rental Power. Or where destinations outside the UK mean that easy shipping to site forms a significant part of the overall package cost.
We can offer modification to existing containers, or bespoke design from scratch built units.

Power Generation Equipment Housings

As well as providing housings for engine driven sets we can offer other types of housings.

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