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Industrial Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic enclosures and screens are designed to reduce machinery noise to a specified level. They can also provide protection against dust, fumes, oil, water, fire and even the failure of components under test. Hodgson Noise Control has gained an unrivalled reputation for the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of acoustic enclosures and screens. Our team of Engineers can offer bespoke designs for all types of machinery and tools including amongst others:


Industrial Acoustic Doors

We offer an extensive range of Steel or Timber construction acoustic doors to suit a wide range of architectural or industrial requirements. Hinged leaf doors or sliding leaf doors can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and to meet the required acoustic performance criteria.

Industrial Acoustic Screens

Quite often a full enclosure of a noise source is not practical due to ventilation requirements or necessary due to a reduced noise reduction requirement. External partial height freestanding acoustic screens are provided to surround external compressors / chilling plant. Internal and / or close fitting freestanding acoustic screens are also provided to help reduce noise being emitted to adjacent production areas and operatives.

Industrial Acoustic Enclosures

We offer a complete range of acoustic enclosures from large 'freestanding' enclosures surrounding noisy machines or processes to much smaller / close fitting enclosures for compressors, pumps etc.

Acoustic Factory Control Rooms

Where autonomous control of production plant and manufacturing equipment can be carried out from a central point where all the process control gear can be located, a large acoustically isolated Control Room can be provided.

Industrial Quiet Rooms / Sound Havens

In many factory and Production Environments it is not always possible or practical to contain noise at source via acoustic enclosures or screens. For this application a Quiet Room / Sound Haven can be provided to offer a less noisy area for Operatives to retreat into to help reduce their noise dose. These are normally quite small in size to accommodate one or two personnel and components can be provided as a 'flat pack' for installation in situ or as a one piece finished construction for final location via factory crane etc.

Industrial Acoustic Test Cells

An extensive range of acoustic panels and equipment can be provided to form Test Cells for all types of equipment.

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